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Retirement 2024

UPDATE: I opted to start the process a little early, mainly due to the upcoming Christmas market season. I thought it best to get everything in place beforehand rather than afterwards. is up and running on the new server!

What has changed?

  1. My website at Square Online is now closed and all content has been moved to my new website on my web host’s server.
  2. I will continue to use Square as my digital payment option at artisan markets.
  3. Can you still purchase onine? Yes, this is possible! I have a section called “New Items” which is for a few things that I will be listing for sale. These items will have a “Buy Now” button that will take you to Square online checkout.
  4. Shipping is no longer available. Any online purchases must be picked up in person. More info

I am planning to retire from Square Online in early 2024.

What does this mean? It just means that I will no longer be keeping an online shop. With that, over the next while, I will be migrating my website off Square’s servers and back to where I have hosted various websites for many years now. The new website is already up and running with a temporary URL ( is my other website). Website is now live!

What about Square? I will of course still use Square for my digital payments. They have come out with a new thing where a vendor can just accept a payment on their cell phone without the need of a device from Square. I am excited to try this new method out.

What’s the new website about? It will most importantly have my market schedule so you will always be able to find me, and news feed from my Facebook page. I will still have a page for my vintage sewing machines and a section for my free sewing practice sheet downloads. The section called “Bloggy Stuff” (lol) is just that, things that are not related to new items… special news, things of interest etc.

Will you still be able to purchase online? Of course, however with limitations. I will have a few things posted to my website in blog format that can be purchased online via a “Buy Now” button through Square. Primary fulfillment will however be local pickup. My husband may at times be available to deliver to a central location. There will be a charge for this of course.

How to find the items for sale? Just look for the “New Items” link on the menu to see the newest items I’ve created. If you are interested in an item, you can purchase it immediately by clicking the “Buy Now” button on the link through Square. Each post also has a QR code you can use to get to the checkout page. Then just contact me to arrange for pick up and voila!

Hope to see you at the market!