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Migration is done

Yesterday I went ahead with switching my domain name over to the new website here. I left the Square subdomain URL up as a temporary address to avoid any interruption. With the help of my web host, everything went smoothly and here we are!

Now that everything is done, I am going to begin with removing my online shop contents and closing it down. Any new “non-small” things that are for sale will be posted here in future with a “buy now” button and QR code for checkout through Square.

It is about 4 weeks until my 1st Christmas market which is in Grovedale. Hopefully the weather will hold good for driving there from Clairmont where we live. In the time before the markets start up, I will be making a few more totes and I would like to try my hand at macramé dreamcatchers.

Be sure to check my market schedule for my market dates and watch for the latest new on my Facebook page feed.