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Sewing Scissors Rule

“Never use the sewing scissors for anything BUT sewing!” (quote from my mom who was an avid sewist)

This was drilled well into my head at a very young age. First not being allowed within two feet of the coveted scissors. But once being taught how to properly use them; using them with the upmost respect.

Grandpa would often sharpen mom’s scissors when they got to the point where she just could not cut with them anymore. Mom and Grandpa were from a generation where they never threw anything away, so Grandpa, being the jack of all trades that he was, would fix her scissors right up for her by sharpening them on his grinder machine. They would be good as new once he was done with them.

Those scissors lasted her for her entire adult life. She did not have any fancy devices to aid with her cutting of fabric, in fact electric scissors scared her half to death. She had a pair but hated them profusely.

She finally let me “touch” her much loved scissors once I was closer to being a teenage. I would be less likely to lose a finger at that point she thought. This was when she had realized that I too shared her love for sewing and she had begun to give me lessons on her old sewing machine. I used her scissors with much care, just as she did.

Those were some of the best times in my life. And those scissors, well I am thankful to have them for my own now. Having them reminds me of my mom.

Tidbit: I found a bit on the Internet on sharpening scrissors. It told of using a few folds of tin foil and just clipping through it with the dull scissors should help improve it. Well of course, I had to try it. I had another pair of scissors similar to mom’s (the all metal kind) and it worked for them. I did find that it did not work too well on cheaper quality scissors. So I guess it is a hit and miss situation for that.