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Disappearing 9 patch tote bag

Disappearing 9 patch blocks were one of my most favourites to do back when I was making quilts. They are so very easy to do, yet they look like you worked your butt off lol!

This tote did give me a bit of a run for the money but that was my own fault. That, and my main sewing machine decided to quit working half way through the project!

Long story short, I tore the machine apart to find the issue but alas did not. It got a good cleaning while I was in there, new needle etc. So with it still not working after all that, and after some lenghty consideration, I decided that it was time for a bit of an upgrade. I quite liked my Singer Heavy Duty 4452 until it finally broke. I decided to stay with the Heavy line but went up a notch by getting the electronic model. I hope to be back at it once it arrives tomorrow.

This new machine I feel is a combination of my geriatic Singer Confidence Quilter 7469 and my 4452 Heavy. So I hope it can really replace the two machines. I will try to post a written review about it once I get the hang of it.

While being one machine down, I still had to finish this poor little bag. The machine crapped out just at the part where the zipper goes in… sheesh!

My old Confidence Quilter is best for just quilting the bags that need quilting these days so I don’t like to push it too much anymore. It is old and slow, but I’m too attached to it to do away with it. It was my first really fancy machine. With a little coaxing and prodding, the old machine got the job done.

I will have this lovely turquoise and white Disappearing 9 patch tote bag at the first night of the Sexsmith Farmers Market which starts at 4 pm on Tuesday the 11th. There should be some food trucks there, and Lefty’s in the concession so it should be full of yummy food to have and good things to buy from the vendors.