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What is “My Museum” about?

Since learning to sew from my mother on her now vintage 1955 Singer model 99K, I have been fasinated with the old machines. Later in life my husband bought me an old treadle sewing machine from 1936. It was a model 15-88 and I just loved it. But for whatever reason, we sold that machine perhaps to invest in another (I don’t recollect). I’ve kicked myself ever since actually. I have actuall replaced that treadle machine with another of the same model and I intend to keep this one!

Fun fact – What is the difference between a 15-88 and a 15-90 model Singer sewing machine? They are indentical except that the 15-88 is non motorized (hand crank or treadle) and the 15-90 has a motor.

That 15-88 treadle sewing machine kicked off the start of a pretty extensive collection for me. We lived on the southern coast of British Columbia back then and the sewing machines were plentiful and inexpensive for the most part.

I have had most of my collection posted on my website on and off at various times, but now that most have been sold, and I have pretty much stopped buying (for now hehe), I thought I would just share a few photos of the machines I had collected in the past and have now passed onward to the next collector. This is obviously not all of them. Many were not in good shape and were retired or gifted for ornamental purposes only and therefore were never photographed.