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Sewist: a relatively new term, combining the words “sew” and “artist”, to describe someone who creates sewn works of art, which can include clothing or other items made with sewn elements.”

My Story
I am a “sewist” who enjoys my “habit” very much. I sew pretty much everyday so you can imagine how fast things pile up. I don’t charge much, if at all, for my time; mostly the prices are to cover my costs so that I may continue to enjoy my hobby.

I had a shop on from 2014 to 2022 under my old website name “Judy’s Home Handicrafts” where I sold some of the things I made. After Etsy, I had my “Square Online” shop which I retired from in late 2023 but still use Square as my digital payment processor of course.

These days I am a vendor at local markets in Clairmont, Sexsmith and Grande Prairie areas averaging somewhere between 20 to 26 markets per year. I generally try to take some time off in January to unwind after market season. I usually get back to sewing in late mid-January making ready for the upcoming market season which generally starts in late winter or early spring. Sexsmith Farmers Market starts up in June and goes every Tuesday all summer long. Check out my artisan market schedule on the page footer of every page for all schedule updates.

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