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These are items that are brought out generally in October and stay until the end of my market season in December. Items may vary year to year, however usually always a few Christmas or winter themed table runners available. These are generally on average about 30 inches (76 cm) long and come in various designs.

Other mainstay items include macramé ornaments for your Christmas tree, snowflakes etc, and the odd Christmas themed wall hanging.

One thing I have enjoyed creating are mitten clips for kids or anyone who needs them; an elderly lady even purchased a set from me in 2022 because she kept loosing her gloves. There are two styles of these; the old “string through” style that go through the arms of the coat for smaller children and the newer style that fit anyone. They just clip onto the cuffs of your coat and come in a set of 2. There is elastic inside each one, so they easily stretch enough to clip and unclip.

Christmas edition Kitchen Boa’s are available while quantities last:

Christmas Kitchen Boa’s