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Smalls & Such

These are items are only shown on my table at local markets & events until I finish marketing in December. New market seasons for me generally start in late spring. Please check my artisan schedule in the footer section for updates on when & where I will be.

On the links below you will find a few photos of these items to give you an idea about them.

  1. Keychains come in fob wrist strap (scrunchie or plain), zipper pull or lanyard styles.
  2. Macramé items vary – keychains, wall hangings, and lately dreamcatchers. And ornaments for Christmas time.
  3. Scrunchies come in two sizes, regular and sets of two that include one regular size and one large size.
  4. Kitchen  boa’s are available in everyday and Christmas colours.
  5. Small pouches come in various shapes and sizes.
  6. Toonie mystery bags have one item that has been on my table either past or present. Item’s minimum value is $5.
  7. Christmas table runners are available during my fall/winter market season only (October to end market season in December).

If you are interested in any of these items, come on out to the markets, or please feel free to contact about them.

small pouches | keychains | hair scrunchies | kitchen boa’s | macramétoonie mystery bags
seasonal items
(seasonal page live from October to December)