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Kitchen Boa’s

I discovered these kitchen “boa’s” last summer. They are an ingenious concept… wished I had been the one to think of this originally; alas it was not my idea.

They are kind of cool however. I say that because, I have a notoriously bad habit of wiping my hands on my clothes when I am cooking or baking! This is why the boa’s are so wonderful. It stops you from doing that! You simply just hang it around your neck and use it to wipe off your hands or counter or… well.. you get the idea.

New design! … which is my idea… I have redesigned the procedure for making my boa’s. New boa’s are now pleated on both sides so it doesn’t matter which way you wear it!

Regular everyday – $15 each

Christmas boa’s – $15 each. Available from October to December only.

New! For a limited time, I will have a few sets available which consist of a kitchen boa and a matching double oven mitt. The oven mitts have a specialized batting inside called “Insul-Brite”. For extra protection, I always prefer to do a double layer of Insul-Brite where the mitts touch heat. There is also a loop on the mitts for hanging it up with your boa. These sets will be $40 each taking into consideration the amount of fabric it takes to construct the mitts, and the costs of the specialized batting.

Interested an item? Contact for more info.